Bury St Edmunds Gate

900 New Homes Agreed For Bury St Edmunds

Denbury Homes secures planning permission for the first phase of homes at a new flagship development in Bury St Edmunds.

The development will be known as St Edmunds Gate and will create a vibrant new community in the region of 900 new homes in the town. The first phase, approved under this announcement, includes 174 homes, with 52 being offered as affordable housing.

A Section 106 contribution of approximately £15.5 million (index linked) will be allocated by West Suffolk District Council to provide support for improvements to education, healthcare, libraries, and highway infrastructure. 🚸

Joshua Hopkins, our Land Director said: “We’re delighted to have secured planning permission for the first phase of homes at St Edmunds Gate. This development forms the cornerstone of our growth plans for the next five years so we are delighted to be taking the first steps towards bringing our vision to life.”

“We believe that understanding local architecture and housing demand should underpin the way developments are planned. Our approach has always been to bring forward thoughtfully designed homes and developments that create a legacy of beautiful buildings and thriving communities.”

Early works on essential infrastructure, including the main road and site preparation, are already underway at the development.

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